Meet our dj's / MC's


AKA, Rob, is the man with the plan, likes to DJ/MC any event and likes to have fun!  Will keep the party bumpin.  Has a taste in any type of music.

Kriss Kross

AKA, Christian, likes to DJ/MC any event, specializing in weddings, and likes to style and profile!  Loves to play just about anything from the classics to the newest hip-hop and R&B.


AKA, Blaze, likes to DJ.  Likes any genre of music, particularly the country hits.  Has a taste for music and can likes to keep the party bumpin!


AKA, Zac, likes to DJ/MC any event.  Will play a great selection of music.  Likes any genre of music and will keep your party hoppin.

The Whole Crew

It wouldn't get done without all of us!

Jazzy J

AKA, John, DJ/MC, customers have questions, John has answers. Likes all types of music and loves to make people happy!  Will keep you on your toes!  Specializes in weddings.